Starting out

Ok, so starting out came as a bit of a surprise based on something the happened to show up on Facebook, as these things tend to happen nowadays with personalised advertising… but that is another post for another blog!

So I happened to scroll past a sponsored post from Jewellery Maker who were selling a travel case, board and 3 different pliers to get myself started.


This is the rather lovely looking case I have. I am in love with the rainbow stripes across the front (although I would prefer rainbow spots, but you can’t win them all đŸ™‚ )


This is the inside of the travel case. There are 3 pink pliers although I have read reviews that the wire cutters don’t do an amazing job but I will just have to test that when I get all my beads and wire to start with tomorrow.

Now the excitement of waiting for the final bits and pieces to arrive tomorrow so that I can really get this Jewellery Journey started!

This post is in no way affiliated with Jewellery Maker.


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