The journey has begun!

The journey has begun!

My beads arrived yesterday so I was able to start creating my design.

Obviously the first thing I had to do was look through all the beads that I received in my starter kit, and that was exciting enough.

I realised that I had lots of clear plastic beads in all different shapes and sizes, and some lovely pearlescent type beads which I have fallen in love with!

Pearl Beads
Clear plastic beads

The first thing I did was to learn how to do different things using the book that I bought to help me. I started playing around with the headpins and spacers just to see what would happen!

With spacers between beads
Without spacers between

I decided that I preferred it with just the tiny spacer beads at the end to give it a more professional look. This bit is obviously all down to personal taste!

Then I learnt to use the round pliers to create the loop at the end in order to close it off and of course attach it to the necklace I wanted to create later on.

Yay look! I don’t know where the spacer went at this point though…

After a bit of learning and playing, cutting and going wrong I was looking at my red and white creation which I love and changed my mind about the chain that I wanted, so I stopped there with that one and left it in a section of the board so that I can come back to it later.

After I decided to stop with the pearly beads,  I looked towards my colourful clear beads. They look so pretty all thrown in the board together!

So pretty!

Not so pretty when the pearly beads fell on the floor when I was trying to remove them! I will definitely be investing in a unit of sorts to separate all my beads and avoid this in future!

Very unhappy with the mess

I love purple so I started to separate out all the purple beads, but I wear a lot of blue so I separated the light blues out as well just to see which would be a better one to start off with.

Beautiful, but not many
Sooo many blues!

There were far more blue so that’s the colour I went with for my first proper project!!! I really do love all of the different shapes and sizes that I have acquired in this starter kit.


OK so I knew that I was going to create a necklace as this would give me a lot to play with and teach me a lot in one piece of jewellery (plus I already knew how to create things with the headpins from earlier!) I had to measure out the length of the necklace of which I had no idea, so I took the one I was wearing off and placed it on the board to give me an idea.

I do love my penguin! (Did not make this myself)

Then I cut my wire a little longer than the penguin necklace just to give myself a little wiggle room if I went wrong.

The next thing was to lay out my beads in a pattern that I thought looked nice, this took a lot of changing and moving, especially since the blues look very similar together so I had to make sure that the pattern was the same.

Still got my ‘pearls’ in the corner there!!

I love how the numbers help me to keep a symmetrical pattern going, although I didn’t like how the gaps looked on the board. I had some lovely silver spacer beads of a similar size in my kit so put the beads in between to see what it would look like. Thankfully I loved it and it really spiced up the necklace.

Obviously I knew there wouldn’t be a huge gap in the middle when it was finished.

I then worked out that it was going to be really hard to thread the beads onto the wire as I had already played with it and found it moves every way but the way that I wanted, so I decided to tape it down in a few places; one at the end, one in the middle and one between the two of those pieces. This again helped me to remember to keep the symmetrical pattern that I had created.


I got to the end of the beads at the bottom and knew at this point that I wanted the two circular beads to stay at point 13 and 16, so I learnt to use a french crimp bead!!

It certainly looks pretty so far 🙂

They are so tiny! I am glad I had the angled tweezers at this point.

Although the hole in the bead was too big for the crimp and it slipped through, so I put another spacer above the crimp to keep the bead in place.


Then I did the same on the other side, switching the pieces of tape to the opposite side so that I could achieve the same thing easily.

I am rather proud of how this looks, even unfinished! In that big gap in the middle I plan to put the pendant bit I created earlier.

This makes me happy =D

The next bit took me ages to work out, I was going to use a french crimp again to close off the wire as 1. I don’t personally like how knots look and 2. wire doesn’t knot very well anyway.

The reason this took me forever is because I could thread the crimp easily, but I just could not re-thread the other end until I realised that I could create a giant loop and then just make it smaller by pulling on the other side.

I felt so silly when I worked it out!

Look how easy that is! After half an hour struggling!
I  used spacers as the french crimps were too small.

The last thing was to attach the lobster clasp and the jump rings to really finish it off. If I had more jump rings I would definitely create a drop chain at the end to keep the necklace in place more.

I am so proud of my first piece!

Now because I don’t have many jewellery sets I had to create a set of earrings to go with it.

Actually in love!

I had a lot of fun creating this and cannot wait until I get the chain for my pearly necklace so I can finish that set too. I have learnt that I really need to do it at a table though, my back was killing me after an hour or so sat leaning over all these tiny tiny beads!

Sorry for the long post, but it is worth it to see this amazing journey! Perhaps after a while of learning I can start to make my own pendants from metal or use semi-precious gems =D

Let me know what you guys think!!



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