‘Pearl’ necklace

‘Pearl’ necklace

OK so the post today already has bits from my first post but since it is part of the pearl necklace that I said I would create once I got the chain/wire that I wanted for my necklace some of it will feature again =D

So I ordered a chain for this necklace and then realised that I didn’t quite know what I actually wanted to do with the chain so I used the white ‘string’ that came with my starter kit as some of the pearls I wanted to use are white, I thought that this would be a complimentary decision.

The first thing I did was to set out the design of the necklace that I was going to create, I already had the pendant part and the 2 earring pendants so I just had to compliment those!

Original Pendant
Design with pendant

I love how this looks, but again as you can see there are gaps between the beads, which means that it will not look as well spaced out as this, so I placed the 2 red beads in the middle on first to see exactly how close it would end up.

I like it, but I can see them all getting too close

Then I worked out that as I was not using wire I would be able to tie a knot in the string to keep the beads in place, and allow them to be a bit more spread out.

I did a simple overhand knot

I did this on both sides of the red beads to break up the colour and show off the distinct groups of beads.

It hangs funny at the moment but that can be changed as more beads get added.

The next beads on were the white ones, one big then one small and one big again. I was also making sure it stayed symmetrical. At the point I ran into my first problem with the string I was using, it was fraying! I could not get the white beads on!

All that fraying 😦

After a conversation it was suggested that I used melted candle wax to try and keep the ends thin enough and avoid more fraying, this was genius! And lucky that I had candles to hand…

OK so now I had gotten back to business, after taking a while to mold the wax as at times it did form a huge ball on the end, it definitely took me a few tries to perfect the size of the ends for the beads.

You can just about see all the excess wax I was molding away!

Now I knew that the fraying was already an issue so I needed a way to finish the necklace and avoid fraying all the way down and breaking the necklace. In the original kit that I bought I had some pinch ball things (not entirely sure of the real name just yet) and thought these would be the perfect once I tied the end together.

I obviously had to completely remove the wax first.

I did the same on the other side and then trimmed the excess string so that it gave it a neater, more professional look.

Nice and neat 🙂
Soo messy!

Then I needed to close it off completely, and of course lobster clasps are the only ones I have at the moment. I did get excited using a new tool that helps to open jump rings that I didn’t have last time though!!

Jump ring opener finger!

I finished creating the necklace in the normal way with a couple of jump rings and the lobster clasp like normal at the moment.


I like how the knots break it apart, and of course I made the earrings in the same way that I learnt in my first post 🙂

I wore this necklace out the following day, and learnt that I really need a double knot as one side fell apart randomly!! Luckily as there were knots in the string it was fine and I have since fixed it permanently!



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