Bib necklace

Bib necklace

I am super excited about this necklace, although I forgot to take lots of photos as I did for the other 2 necklaces so I must remember to take loads no matter what!!

OK so I wanted to make a more complicated necklace this time and had seen someone wearing a beautiful bib necklace at work, so I though I would have a go ๐Ÿ™‚

I love seeing the bead colours together in the sorting tray, they look so pretty! And of course I get this excitement every time while I decide which to use.

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As you can see, green and brown were the choice. They compliment each other so beautifully!

I started laying them out, this is where the bead tray was super important, and I had to make sure that each layer was slightly longer than the last in order for the bib necklace to look the most effective.

I added spacers at this point to make a more effective design, the spacers are silver to offset the colour a little.

I then used some plastic type wire that I had in the starter kit, I am not sure if it is supposed to be think nylon type stuff or not, but I wanted to try it.

I had to tie it to stop the beads falling off.

After threading all 3 rows, I discovered that this stuff was not going to let the beads sit in a nice curve, but was more likely to make it drop in the middle and create more of a point which I did not want for this necklace.

Instead I used some wire which I knew was robust enough, and would keep the necklace shape that I was hoping for.

I then used some chain to make the necklace sit a little lower on the wearer and make sure that the beads didn’t go for a wonder around the back of the neck.

Looks a bit weird at this point!

Next I had to add the rest of the chain long enough to let the chain sit on the chest and not the neck but also not short enough to make it look like it was a choker at the top. This took a lot of trial and error, and funny looks from the fiancรฉ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hehehehe fun…

It did also make for a lot of de-tangling all the time that I was trying the get this correct, still it almost has an ‘artistic’ quality when all tangled although I might just be trying to fool myself.

I then added some jump rings and a lobster clasp as normal, although this is the stage I did not take photos, which I need to remember to do!!


The earrings actually took a long time to decide on in terms of the pattern and bead placement, as there were not many of the right colours left at this point,ย  but are created in the same way as normal ๐Ÿ™‚


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